S5 | Episode 12: Wine Wardrobe
Onyii and Co. - Fashion Designer
8115 Stony Dell Court Houston, TX 7706
Owner: Onyii Brown

Since her launch of Onyii & Co., in 2013, Brown has incorporated Africa-inspired printed figure-flattering wrap dresses and skirts into each of her collections, because she believes that although a woman's body may change, her desire to feel feminine and beautiful never wanes. The global textiles used to create these garments allow women to indulge in an indigenous and authentic sense of luxury that endues them with the confidence they need to strive for, seek and become more.

Gary and the crew head to Flagstaff, Arizona to meet with Joe Bechard and Kris Porthier, creator of Chateau Tumbleweed, an independent winery and tasting room. Then they head over to Houston, Texas to meet with fashion designer Onyii Brown, owner of Onyii and Co., a luxury lifestyle clothing brand that caters to women.