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Gary Bredow
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Gary Bredow is a passionate and dedicated advocate of American small business. Although his focus has always been on writing and film/video production, as an entrepreneur, he owns several businesses in the Detroit area including Detroit Tough Gym, Fern and Dales Hair Salon and Brooklyn Street Studios. Over the past 3 Seasons of the national television program Start Up, Gary has conducted in-depth interviews with over 100 demographically diverse small business owners all across America, acquiring invaluable information about the climate of American small business.

"There's something really incredible happening in both large cities and small towns. People are fed up with constraints of traditional employment, and they're taking back control of their lives.  There's a wave of confidence sweeping across America, giving people the courage to get up and chase their dreams. It's truly inspiring, and I feel incredibly privileged to be part of the entrepreneur movement in America." -Gary Bredow

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