Selected through a nationwide search and rigorous casting process, these are America's Entrepreneurs, and their fascinating stories.  During each season, START UP travels the United States to capture the reality of what it takes to make it as a small business owner, straight from the mouths of the people who live it every single day. Join us as we release a series of episode extension’s and behind the scene's footage presented by Chrysler Brand.

City Dining Cards (Buffalo, NY)

Patrick Finan thought that City Dining Cards would be a one-time promotion.  He never expected it to become a full time career employing several people in Buffalo, NY.  Patrick shares with us what's truly important to him in business, and how he feel's about his success. Watch the video presented by Chrysler Brand.

Neville Wisdom (New Haven, CT)

Jamaican Fashion designer Neville Wisdom came to America with not much more than a dream and a suitcase, and after years of hard work, he shares his advice for other entrepreneurs.  Watch the video presented by Chrysler Brand.

Public Espresso (BUFFALO, NY)

Owner of Public Espresso, Sam Scarcello, is a coffee fanatic, so when the idea came up for opening a single drip coffee house and roastery, he dove in head first, and learned a ton of extremely valuable lessons along the way.  Sam share's with us how positive or negative review’s can affect a business. Watch the video presented by Chrysler Brand.

Al "Bubba" Baker (Avon, OH)

After appearing on START UP, a lot changed for Al "Bubba" Baker. He was invited on Shark Tank and made a deal with Daymond John. Watch as Bubba and host Gary Bredow talk about life, business and what's next for Bubba and his patented De-boned Ribs!

Home Store (Ferndale, MI)

Real Estate entrepreneur Bradley Cohen from The Home Store worked for years in corporate America. He was completely unfulfilled, but the stability kept him from chasing his dream. Brad talks with us about his biggest regret in business. Watch the video presented by Chrysler Brand.

Doejo (Chicago, IL)

Phil is a true renaissance man. From starting Doejo, a digital agency in Chicago, to opening several coffee shops around the city, Phil defines what it means to be a Start Up entrepreneur. Phil sits with Gary and shares what's new with Doejo since appearing on Start Up Season 2, and gives us a look at what's to come. Presented by Chrysler Brand.

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