Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

Michigan is recognized globally as a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation, and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) helps to foster the ideal environment for small businesses to launch and grow through a variety of resources, programs and incentives. MEDC has partnered with Start Up to produce a 15-part web series highlighting some of the state’s best and brightest entrepreneurs. | www.michiganbusiness.org

ProNav (Hancock, MI)

Pro Nav is a GPS autopilot for electric trolling motors which are commonly used by fishermen that owns smaller boats, twelve to twenty-foot size range. Pro Nav is a hardware unit that we sell to customers, it has an application based software on the phone or tablet that allows you to talk to trolling motor and basically send all the automatic commands that are using GPS guiding to keep it on the anchor point or allow it to go from point to point, navigate a route that you set up

MySwimPro (Ann Arbor)

With users in over one hundred fifty different countries, MySwimPro is the number one fitness application for swimmers around the world! Developed right here in Michigan, MySwinPro helps users achieve their personal fitness and training goals by delivering a personalized swim training plan. They’ve also developed the world’s first swimming application for the Apple watch. This watch app redefines personal coaching on wearable device and it will guide you through work outs, set by set, just like a personal coach would.

Gaudium (Ann Arbor, MI)

Gaudium launched anime mobile game with the help of state universities and other local resources. Learn more what Michigan Economic Development Corporation can do for your startup business.

MagWerks LED (Oxford, MI)

MagWerks LED is an intellectual property that is patented technology licensing company as well as an engineering services company to implement those technologies for its customer base. They use a technique called Magnesium thixomolding which is the ability to inject magnesium metal in a plastic light process therefore yielding an extremely strong, extremely light, extremely precise molded part which applies directly to LED.

SPLT (Detroit, MI)

SPLT is an Enterprise carpooling application that we designed to transform the way people commute across the country and most recently in Mexico City. It's a carpool application that connects employees who were already traveling along the same route and literally passing each other on the highway to form carpools to get to work together.

Spellbound (Ann Arbor, MI)

Spellbound is a mobile app that uses augmented reality technology to bring its content to 3-D life. Holding your smartphone or tablet to the pages of a book and looking through the camera displays the characters in 3D while the story is read aloud. 

Sportsman Tracker (Grand Rapids, MI)

Sportsman Tracker is a collection of apps that we used to help hunters and fishermen optimize their time in the woods and on the water. Sportsman Tracker uses a collection of algorithms based on the wind, the barometric pressure, and other various weather elements that help determine the right time to go hunting and fishing.

SurClean (Wixom, MI)

SurClean, a manufacturer of industrial laster coating removal equipment, works together with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to increase their company growth through collaboration and networking. By using entrepreneurial-friendly tools from the MEDC, SurClean has been able to expand their business in Michigan and beyond.

Health Numeric (East Lansing, MI)

Health Numeric is a medical technology company based in East Lansing, Michigan. They provide at-home health monitoring services and devices, allowing families to care for their relatives remotely. Watch the video to learn more about how Health Numeric is transforming the patient experience and how the state's resources helped get this startup from concept to reality.

FarmLogs (Ann Arbor, MI)

FarmLogs is an independent tech company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan focused on improving the future of farming through custom-created technology solutions. Watch the video to learn more about FarmLogs and how Michigan provides the perfect resources for this small business to reach their customers.

Native Traits (Kalamazoo, MI)

Native Traits Corporation is a modern agriculture company located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Through the screening of gene traits in corn, this Michigan startup is dedicated to creating a sustainable agriculture economy. Watch the video to learn more about Native Traits and how Michigan's supportive culture for startups made planting their roots in Michigan a no-brainer.

Inventev (Detroit, MI)

Inventev is a technology startup based in Detroit focused on bringing electrification to the transportation sector. Their technology can be used to not only power a vehicle, but create power off the vehicle as well. Watch the video to learn more about this Detroit startup and how the state's automotive industry and strong talent pool played a large role in their decision to set up shop in Michigan.

Recovery Park (Detroit, MI)

Recovery Park is a small business located in Detroit, Michigan focused on improving the city's economy through urban farming. Since its start in 2013, this social enterprise has created eight full-time jobs in the city and plans to create 500 more in the next five years. Watch to learn more about Recovery Park and why the resources the MEDC and state provided them made planting their roots in Michigan a no-brainer.

Detroit Artisans | Pure Michigan Webisode

Detroit Artisans preserves the ideals of the Great Lakes region through antique, retro, vintage, repurposed, reclaimed and handmade items, all curated by its passionate team of experts.

Tome | Pure Michigan Webisode

Michigan-based IoT startup, Tome Software, develops hi-tech health and wellness products by combining hardware and software.

iTrack | Pure Michigan Webisode

iTrack LLC, a client of the OU INC SmartZone Business Accelerator, develops autonomous navigation and tracking systems for defense, entertainment, commercial lawn care and manufacturing industries.

Green Forces | Pure Michigan Webisode

GreenForces, a client of the MTEC SmartZone, is a collaboration of U.P. companies providing complete high-tech product lifecycle support to customers in the defense and aerospace industries.

Utruk | Pure Michigan Webisode

Utruk is a moving app that connects you with reliable Utruk drivers near you to help you move your possessions. You can place your order, track your driver and payment is completely cashless. Watch to discover how these entrepreneurs have succeeded thanks to the great opportunities for small business help in Michigan.

Signing Savvy | Pure Michigan Webisode

Signing Savvy is the most comprehensive sign language resource on the web, helping people to learn American Sign Language (ASL) signs, fingerspelled words, and other common signs online. Watch to learn how this company's start in Michigan has helped them reach people with their service all over the world.

ShoreWaves | Pure Michigan Webisode

ShoreWaves is a wireless Internet service provider in the Upper Peninsula, using point-to-point radio signals to provide service to areas without the infrastructure for Internet or phone service. Watch to learn how this small business has partnered with the MEDC to help themselves and other local businesses succeed.

Shake 'N Share | Pure Michigan Webisode

Shake 'N Share lids help distribute popcorn butter and seasoning evenly, can be used as bowls to share and can seal bucketsto keep popcorn fresh. Watch to learn how the founder of this Michigan business has found all the help he needs in Michigan to develop his own product and be his own boss.

Reclaim Detroit | Pure Michigan Webisode

Reclaim Detroit is a salvaged wood supplier and deconstruction training center. Watch to learn how this small business is partnering with the city of Detroit and why the team highly recommends starting a business in Michigan.

Mission Throttle | Pure Michigan Webisode

Mission Throttle is a social impact investing firm for Michigan organizations focused on solving the most challenging issues in the state around health, education, environment and poverty. Watch to learn why the team at Mission Throttle recommends Michigan as a great place for entrepreneurs.

Rocket Fiber | Pure Michigan Webisode

Rocket Fiber is bringing the fastest Internet in the world to Detroit. Watch to learn about fiber optic Internet technology and why the founders of this Michigan startup chose Detroit for their business.

Vestaron | Pure Michigan Webisode

Vestaron is a small biotech startup company in Kalamazoo, Michigan developing natural insecticides to protect plants. Watch to learn more about the work and why the founders recommend starting a business in Michigan.

Go Green Trikes | Pure Michigan Webisode

Go Green Trikes is a Michigan business providing environmentally friendly delivery services using tricycles that can pull up to 600 pounds in weight. Watch to learn why the founder of this Michigan startup loves her job and recommends starting a business in Michigan.

Mitten Crate | Pure Michigan Webisode

Mitten Crate is a Michigan business that creates monthly subscription boxes full of unique Michigan-made food products. Watch to learn why the founders of this MIchigan startup love their jobs and recommend starting a business in Michigan.

SkySpecs | Pure Michigan Webisode

SkySpecs is a Michigan business creating intelligent drone software for commercial drones. Watch to learn why this team of University of Michigan grads love their jobs and recommend starting a business in Michigan.

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