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Your locally-owned and operated The UPS Store® provides all the resources small business owners need to launch and grow their businesses -- printing, packing, shipping, mailboxes and more. START UP has partnered with The UPS Store to create a three-part video series featuring real entrepreneurs and their personal stories. To learn more about what The UPS Store can do to help your small business thrive, go to


Commercial pilot Eric Watson had a vision. He gave up flying, bought some vintage hat making equipment, and taught himself to make traditional hats. By pursuing his passion, Eric created a thriving business and now has a client list from around the world.

BOOKISH BOX (Phoenix, Az)

Justine loves to read so much that she rolled her love of books into a literary-themed subscription business, sending out monthly boxes to happy readers all over.


Laura Morgan and her brother left finance and started a fitness studio that catered to emerging trends in social training. Now, they're opening more locations and gaining new fans every day.

Kaleidoscope Juice (Phoenix, AZ)

Kaleidoscope Juice makes 100% organic, raw, cold pressed juice and it all started with a young girl’s love of Julia Child. Alexandra built a multi-location company out of a singular passion for healthy foods.

1502 Candle Co. (San Diego, CA)

1502 Candle Co creates and curates distinct and natural fragrances. Using all-natural soy wax and essential oils, combined with found and recyclable containers, 1502 creates a unique candle for the nature-loving home.

Caliano (San Diego, CA)

Caliano is a one-of-a-kind custom food truck that offers a fusion of southern Italian and border Mexican cuisine. Growing up in both Italy and Southern California, owner Mario Maruca shares his unique culinary journey.

House of Wolves (Seattle, WA)

House of Wolves is a Seattle-based independent design and production studio founded by musician and designer Shanine Yngvason. The company focuses on producing premium quality leather goods inspired by vintage style and classic techniques.

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